How to Get the Best Out of Your Exercise Bike

Due to work and a lot of things going on in my life, I don’t have time to hit a gym or play a ball game. The solution is simple I just bought a brand new exercise bike. Here’s how you get the best out of it. Hope you enjoy. Anyway, here’s a pic of my newly bought bike :) Cool, right?


An exercise bike is one of the best gym equipment that gives an easy cardio workout. Because you pedal, your large muscles found in your legs are worked out and this enhances strength and endurance.  If you relax too much though when pedaling or if your body form while working out is not correct, you will not get the best out of your exercise bike. Knowing how to use this piece of equipment properly will give you a great workout.

Make sure your bike is at its proper seat height given your own height. Your knee must be slightly bent while your feet must be flat. You will know the seat is high when your leg is straightened and nearly locks. It is too low when your knee bends at 35 degrees or more.

To maximize use of your exercise bike, you should use toe straps or cages to clip in your feet. This will allow you pushing and pulling the bike pedals. If your bike dos not have clipping pedals or you do not own biking shoes, you can make use of the toe straps or cages. Before you buy an exercise bike, ensure it has accessories for the toes.

Utilize variable resistance by adjusting tension upwards and downwards as you ride your bike and do hills and flats. Remember that some bikes offer more level of resistance then others. There are electronic bikes which possess pre-set programs for the muscles to be challenged. If you have a spinning bike, you may find a tension control right in the middle of its frame just over its flywheel.

As you pedal on your exercise bike, make sure to engage your core and uphold the right posture. When you ride upright, your back must be neutral with your shoulders back. Make sure your eyes are focused at the front and never look down as this may make you bend your upper back. If you look far up, this shall make you arch your back. Your head must be kept straight and you must engage your abs so that your spine will be kept neutral.

Your rhythm must be consistently steady in both flats and hills. Pretend you are out pedalling on the roads and you need to give sufficient power to climb that hill. You should decrease resistance if you find it hard to sustain a steady pace.

Your entire weight must be kept in the legs. Should you stand on your exercise bike, make sure you can lift a hand off your handle bars without you falling forwards or transferring your weight. If this is impossible to do, it means your hands are carrying your weight and this shall strain the wrists, shoulders and upper back. Your legs should hold your weight and you must be able to pedal upwards and downwards properly.

To get the most out of your workout from your exercise bike, make sure you are able to rest properly and you have a healthy diet. If you eat unhealthy food and do not sleep properly, all your efforts on your exercise bike will be futile.